Monday, February 28, 2005

Better to eat your carrots cooked.

Generally, we are advised to eat vegetables raw where-ever possible, however with carrots, you will probably get the most nutrients out of them by steaming or cooking them lightly until they are still crisp but softer.

Research completed in 2003 and published in the European Journal of Nutrition by Livny et. al., compared 15 mg of cooked carrots, pureed carrots and raw carrots. They gave test meals to eight volunteers along with skimmed milk yhogurt and 40 mg of sunflower oil and then took blood samples to extract beta-carotene levels in their blood. Results showed that "More beta-carotene was absorbed from puree as compared to raw carrots". You can read the research abstract here.

So when you're cooking your meal, and you eat your carrots cooked you can be sure that you are getting the optimal amount of beta-carotene's out of your carrots. No more feeling guilty for not eating them raw !

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