Thursday, March 03, 2005

The weight loss and health marketing hype and free health information

During my time on the net, I've seen a lot of health related and weight loss websites who all claim that they know the answers.

If you are looking at a health or weight loss site, take these points into consideration:

1. Can the site back up its claims with referenced research - not just "recent research found...."

2. Is there a contact form or email address on the site - where the webmaster or author can be contacted.

3. Is the entire site about getting you to buy a pariticular product - does it give any real information other than selling this product ?

4. Does it sound too good to be true ?

5. Guarantee you that you'll lose weight.

The last point is a real tell-tale sign. The fact is that everyone is different and that everyone's nutritional needs are different, to guarantee that YOU will lose weight, is promising something more than one e-book could achieve.

But then on the other side of the coin, there is a myriad of great sites out there that you can rely on. Many of them are run by professional doctors, dietitions who provide their services free of charge etc. One such site that I must recommend to you, but unfortunately may only be applicable to Canadians, is Dial-A-Dietition who offer a FREE nutrition information line - that is what I like !

Nutrition is something that is all around us - some choose to abuse it, some choose to take care of it. Health and nutrition are so intertwined that you can't have good health without good nutrition. So having ready access to a nutrition professional is in my opinion absolutely necessary.

If you live in Canada - give them a call toll free 1800 667 3438 - it is a lot better to do this, than spend $29.95 on an e-book claiming that you'll "lose weight fast".